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Book Signing at Hallmark

November 4, 2017

It was great fun to meet readers on 11/4/17 at our local Hallmark store. Everyone I met was generous with their nice comments about The Big Squeeze but just as giving with their stories about kindness and challenging times. As so many writers know, the process can sometimes be a lonely one and it’s (more…)

Loglines - Teasing Audience Interest

July 22, 2017

Tags: Book, Film, Log Line, Logline, Save the Cat, Screenwriting

A logline is a short summary of a book, film or television show. The goal is to convey enough information so the reader or viewer knows whether to commit time to your project. Some refer to the logline as an emotional lure or teaser of coming attractions. According to the Save the Cat!® website, (more…)

Action, Beats and Storytelling Clarity

July 17, 2017

Tags: Novelist, Save the Cat, Screenwriting

It took me about two seconds to accept the invitation to enroll in a new online screenwriting course based on Blake Snyder‘s Save the Cat!® methodology and blog about my experience. I had attended the first day of an in-person workshop in New York City last year and learned a lot about beats, (more…)

Q&A With Susan Mangiero – Author Of Book About Kindness

February 23, 2017

Tags: Gift Book, Inspirational, Susan Mangiero, Teddy Bears, The Big Squeeze

Susan Mangiero has written about ethics, trust and relationship building for over twenty-five years for a variety of national and international publications. She is the author of The Big Squeeze: Hugs & Inspirations For Every Grown-Up Who Loves Teddy Bears (Happy Day Press, 2017). Like countless business professionals around the world, Susan understands the power of (more…)

Thank You for Blog of the Week Recognition

February 20, 2017

Tags: Fiduciary News, Retirement Plan, Susan Mangiero

I was recently informed by Fiduciary News editor Chris Carosa that my blog post entitled "Effective Retirement Plan Communications" (January 8, 2017) was selected "Blog of the Week" for the second week of January. Thank you to Chris and his loyal readers. I really appreciate the recognition. It's always terrific to get feedback about what topics (more…)

Using Photos to Attract Blog Readers

February 1, 2017

Tags: Blogging, Photography, Screenwriting, Storytelling, Writing

In a recently reposted essay, Joel Friedlander of book design fame extols the virtues of utilizing snappy photographs to grab readers’ interest. I heartily concur.

In my eleven years of blogging at Pension Risk Matters®, followed by Good Risk Governance Pays® and now I Paint With Words®, I have included an image in nearly (more…)

Fun Can Be Good For Business

January 23, 2017

Tags: Employee Morale, Fun, HR, Play, Productivity

Articles about productivity and enjoyment is as valid today as ever before. Forbes contributor Liz Ryan points out that good leaders eschew leading by fear and instead encourage their teams to strengthen their creativity muscles. Check out “Employee Fun Factor and the (more…)

Nudges to Write on Schedule

January 11, 2017

Tags: Deadlines, Time Management, Writing

As I explain in Goal Setting With the Help of An Accountability Buddy," there are real advantages of having someone regularly push you to stay on track. I’ve never worked with a creative partner this way so I welcomed the idea when a friend asked me if we could goal-set together. Having (more…)

Value of Happy Endings in Film

December 27, 2016

Tags: Film, Happy Endings, Romance

If you have yet to see La La Land with Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, consider a trip to the cinema for an entertaining tale of two young people with Hollywood dreams. Set to music, the film is visually appealing and a nice throwback to the Fred Astaire – Ginger Rogers type productions of yore. (more…)

Dogs and Cats in Books and Film - Oh My

December 8, 2016

Tags: Books, Cats, Dogs, Film, Gift Books, Pets

During the last year, my research about the science of happiness and gratitude, along with my related analysis of what publishers are buying, suggests that stories about dogs and cats continue to be big business in the literary world. They are pop culture and movie favorites too. Although my debut inspirational gift book, soon (more…)