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Loglines - Teasing Audience Interest

July 22, 2017

Tags: Book, Film, Log Line, Logline, Save the Cat, Screenwriting

A logline is a short summary of a book, film or television show. The goal is to convey enough information so the reader or viewer knows whether to commit time to your project. Some refer to the logline as an emotional lure or teaser of coming attractions. According to the Save the Cat!® website, (more…)

Value of Happy Endings in Film

December 27, 2016

Tags: Film, Happy Endings, Romance

If you have yet to see La La Land with Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, consider a trip to the cinema for an entertaining tale of two young people with Hollywood dreams. Set to music, the film is visually appealing and a nice throwback to the Fred Astaire – Ginger Rogers type productions of yore. (more…)

Dogs and Cats in Books and Film - Oh My

December 8, 2016

Tags: Books, Cats, Dogs, Film, Gift Books, Pets

During the last year, my research about the science of happiness and gratitude, along with my related analysis of what publishers are buying, suggests that stories about dogs and cats continue to be big business in the literary world. They are pop culture and movie favorites too. Although my debut inspirational gift book, soon (more…)