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Using Photos to Attract Blog Readers

February 1, 2017

Tags: Blogging, Photography, Screenwriting, Storytelling, Writing

In a recently reposted essay, Joel Friedlander of book design fame extols the virtues of utilizing snappy photographs to grab readers’ interest. I heartily concur.

In my eleven years of blogging at Pension Risk Matters®, followed by Good Risk Governance Pays® and now I Paint With Words®, I have included an image in nearly (more…)

Nudges to Write on Schedule

January 11, 2017

Tags: Deadlines, Time Management, Writing

As I explain in Goal Setting With the Help of An Accountability Buddy," there are real advantages of having someone regularly push you to stay on track. I’ve never worked with a creative partner this way so I welcomed the idea when a friend asked me if we could goal-set together. Having (more…)