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Susan Says®

Loglines - Teasing Audience Interest

A logline is a short summary of a book, film or television show. The goal is to convey enough information so the reader or viewer knows whether to commit time to your project. Some refer to the logline as an emotional lure or teaser of coming attractions. According to the Save the Cat!® website, screenwriter and script consultant Jose Silerio addresses the three components of an effective logline to include “the hero, goal, and problem of your story,” as well as the genre of your story.

Surprisingly, short is not always sweet. I found it challenging to write only a few words that would enchant and entertain. However, I also found it empowering to write this kind of mini advertisement. Most writers want to sell their material. To do that, one must be able to add some sizzle to the basic “here is what I created” message.
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