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Susan Says®

Nudges to Write on Schedule

As I explain in Goal Setting With the Help of An Accountability Buddy," there are real advantages of having someone regularly push you to stay on track. I’ve never worked with a creative partner this way so I welcomed the idea when a friend asked me if we could goal-set together. Having had our first weekly call this Monday, here are my thoughts:

Creating my “to do” list to share with someone else takes time but it forces me to seriously reflect about macro and micro objectives, decide how many hours I ought to allocate to each activity and rank what has to get done first.

It feels good to be able to bounce ideas off someone else regarding timetables, especially because I know the person on the other end of the phone is organized and focused on his success – and mine.

Putting a hierarchy chart on paper lets me visualize what I need to do.

As any writer knows, giving life to words can be a lonely endeavor, especially if you are doing it late at night after your “other” job. Dialoging with someone on a regular basis about accomplishments, frustrations and stumbling blocks seems right to me. As author Chuck Sambuchino describes about his teammate, “…the road to publication … and seemingly endless wait has been so much better with someone to chat with along the way.”

I will keep you posted on my progress as I write with my eyes on the prize, knowing that someone will kindly question me should I miss deadlines.
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