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Dr. Susan Mangiero is the author of The Big Squeeze: Hugs & Inspirations For Every Grown-Up Who Loves Teddy Bears, published by Happy Day Press in 2017. Inspired by the enduring appeal of teddy bears for grown-ups of all ages, The Big Squeeze is a sweet and uplifting gift book focused on the undeniable truth that kindness to ourselves, and others, matters. Combining enchanting photos with motivational messages, The Big Squeeze invites readers to ACCEPT that everyone has ups and downs, CELEBRATE triumphs, HEAL the hurts, LOVE one another, SHARE the good times and bad and TRY new adventures when it feels right. Every page is designed to generate smiles and to offer a relaxing break from everyday stress. The Big Squeeze is a great gift for anniversaries, baby showers, birthdays, engagements, holidays, promotions, weddings and any time a hug is welcome.

In 2004, John Wiley & Sons published Dr. Mangiero's "how to" primer for investment fiduciaries entitled Risk Management for Pensions, Endowments and Foundations. Organized into four comprehensive parts, this book: (a) Provides a corporate governance rationale for risk management education and describes why tax-exempt investors might consider using derivative instruments (b) Examines the basics of risk, futures, options, and swaps, including case studies specific to endowments, foundations, and pensions (c) Addresses the risk management process from start to finish, with special emphasis on its dynamic nature and (d) Comments on the operating environment, which is currently changing. Filled with examples, checklists, and end-of-chapter summaries, this unique book provides clear guidance with regard to derivative instruments, risk management concepts, and special concerns such as valuation and reporting.

In addition, Dr. Mangiero has published nearly fifty articles in leading industry publications to include Expert Alert (American Bar Association, Section of Litigation), Hedge Fund Review, Investment Lawyer, Valuation Strategies, RISK Magazine, Financial Services Review, Journal of Indexes, Family Foundation Advisor,, Expert Evidence Report, Bankers Magazine and the Journal of Compensation and Benefits. Dr. Mangiero has written chapters for several books, including the Litigation Services Handbook and The Handbook of Interest Rate Risk Management.

Dr. Mangiero regularly contributes to two business blogs, Pension Risk Matters® and Good Risk Governance Pays®. Her writing blog, I Paint With Words®, includes insights about the creative process. Her newer blog, Hugs and Joy®, takes a look at emotional decision-making and the role of trust in getting consumers to buy. Individuals can sign up for any or all of these blogs by clicking on the relevant links. Comments and suggestions are welcome.

For a complete list of the many publications written by Dr. Susan Mangiero, AIFA, CFA, CFE, FRM, PPC, please email us at